Friday, April 25, 2008

Bath Time!!

I don't know if all newborns hate baths, but Addie swore Brian and I were committing a crime every time we gave her a bath. Well, since the first bath, we have learned how to keep her from screaming bloody murder and maybe even enjoy being clean. She even struck a pose in her bathtub for the camera. She just gets cuter everyday!

The towel on the tummy keeps her warm and
very nicely keeps her modest for the camera!

She's so happy that she's out of the tub
in warm in her towel

Yay, I'm clean!!

The Jelly Belly Game

50 flavors??? I don't know whose job it is to come up with all the flavors, but there are way too many flavors than should be allowed for a jelly bean.

So, one night my brother-in-law, Kevin and I were playing "guess the flavor." What idiot decided that popcorn or cappucino would be a good flavor for candy. Anyways, we had our fun of trying to figure out the flavors and then our game was over. I carefully put all the beans back in the jar and thought I correctly screwed on the lid. Well, thought is the key word. I have never really been graceful, I'm uncoordinated when I dance, and never claimed to be a ballerina, so the following ensued...
That jar was 3/4 way full!!!! Can you say ooops? Needless to say, we found jelly bellies in crevices for many days following the incident.

Monday, April 14, 2008

My Favorite Things

Since joining the world of motherhood, I have found a few new favorite things.

This bouncing vibration chair takes Addie from.....

this to....

to this in about 5 seconds!

She will sleep for hours in her fancy swing!!!

I know people say babies don't need a wipe warmer, but Addie does so much better when her wipes are warm instead of freezing cold on her bum. Try wiping your bum in the middle of the night with a cold wipe and see if you like it!

My glider is so comfy for me and helps me put Addie to sleep. And, I feel like I'm in a Downey Softener commercial when I rock her during the day with the sunlight on those curtains. All I need is that little teddy bear to pop up somewhere and land on a stack of freshly cleaned towels...ha ha.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Addie's first play date!

So on my first day by myself, my good friend Amy brought me lunch and her baby boy Carson to play with Addie. Carson was born exactly one month before Addie and this was our first time meeting him. The babies were so cute together and actually cooperated quite nicely so Amy and I could catch up with each other. They were awake together, ate at the same time and both fell asleep after lunch. What a great first play date. We'll definitely have to plan more of them. Thanks Amy!

They're already holding hands....

The real test!

Addie and her Grammie!

Addie and her Daddy

We survived!!