Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Super blogging mom.....not so much.

So it has been brought to my attention that I haven't been the best at keeping up this blog....ok, I pretty much am awful at keeping it up.  I keep telling Brian I want to be one of those super blogging moms....maybe one day.  Anyhoo, here are the latest happenings in a nutshell:  I quit my job at the end of September to stay at home full time and I LOVE it!  Brian started with Bank of America in January and in October was approved to start working from home which means he commutes only one day a week....wooohooo!  We love it!  He starts at 8, is here at lunch and we get to eat dinner between 5:30 and 6....much better than the 7pm time we were averaging before.  Addie is in preschool 2 days a week and loves it.  She is obsessed with Christmas and LOVES the decorations and everything that has to do with Christmas.  Every night when she sees our Christmas lights on the front of the house she squeals like it is the greatest thing she has ever seen!  Kenzie is almost 16 months and is walking/running around.  She is still as chunky as ever and is saying tons of words.  There you have it.  The last 7 months in one paragraph.  We  are doing an advent calendar and I have been taking pictures of each activity in the hopes of putting a small post each night with our activity.  It is December 7th and you can see how that is working out.  I am still going to try.  Just have to download the pictures.  Maybe later today?  A girl can dream.

I can't post without pictures so here are some recents of the girls. :)
Kenzie doing her favorite past time.

Addie on a trip to Disney. 

Friday, May 6, 2011


See a resemblance?

Busy busy

Can you believe your eyes? A new blog post? I'm sure most people have stopped checking this thing. My girls are definitely keeping me busy these days, but have a rare few moments so I actually made it to the computer to give a short update.

I have gotten a better handle on having 2 kids, but we are constantly running. Brian started a new job in January at Bank of America and with his commute to downtown LA, he has a longer work day than we were used to before. I went back to work (20 hours/week) at the end of December, and there isn't much time to get everything on the "to do" list accomplished. So, the blog kind of gets put on the back burner. Even though we are busy, we have had some time for fun. Mckenzie is now 8.5 months old and is a chunker! She has finally started sleeping through the night thanks to sleep training. It was so hard to start it, but it worked like a charm and we are a much happier family now that mom and dad are getting a full night of sleep! Addie had her 3rd birthday in March and is still talking about her princess party! Life has been busy, but we are so blessed to have 2 fun girls to keep it that way!

Cinderella very excited about her gifts!

Party wouldn't be complete without a pinata!

Cinderella wasn't the only princess at the party. Belle, Tinkerbell, and Mulan also made appearances!

And here is the AMAZING cake my MOM made for Addie!! She took a cake decorating class and really outdid herself!!! It took 6 cake mixes and LOTS AND LOTS of hours of decorating. I don't think I can top it next year for Addie's 4th birthday!

Can you believe how chunky this girl has gotten?

She is such a happy baby!

Can't believe she has had already hit 8 months!