Sunday, November 2, 2008

The last 2 months

So, I've been a really busy and have been bad about posting new pix. So, you get two posts in one night. I finally downloaded all the pictures from my camera and 270 images later, they are finally on my hard drive. Here are a few moments from the last two months.

My happy girl...

Addie and both of her grandpa's with her "I love grandpa" onesie and her grandpa's with the hats she got them for Father's Day.

Addie started eating food a couple of months ago and is finally liking it. There was a little while we thought this kid wasn't going to like anything but breastmilk!

She also loves her cool walker and loves being outside.

We are very fortunate to live right next door to Brian's sister Kelly and her husband Kevin. They had their baby boy Jaxon in July and the two get to see each other everyday. Addie LOVES it when Jaxon comes over and we sometimes have to keep her from attacking him. She usually screams and gets very excited when Kelly walks in with him. Here they are in their cool coordinating rockband outfits Auntie Kelly got them from Old Navy.

Addie got to spend time with her cousins Jason, Tyler, Josh and Brie!

Back to Normal and Halloween Fun!

So, luckily, I didn't have to stay on the the no sugar diet for too long. After 2 weeks of torture, none of the symptoms had gone away. The doctor did a culture to see if I had a bacterial infection and it came back negative. Nobody knows what's wrong. So, I've been back on sugar for 2 weeks and am not any worse than I was before...yay! For now I am stable and have one sore left and a little bit of burning after I nurse Addie. I guess I will just keep going unless I get worse. But, let me tell you something; our brains NEED sugar!!! I was going absolutely crazy (just ask Brian)!!! I did not handle the no sugar thing very well, and everyone around me knew it. Now I'm back to normal and am actually enjoying eating again.

On a happier note, Addie had her first Halloween and had a great time. She was a ladybug and was so adorable. Brian's Aunt Judy made her costume and it couldn't be cuter. We went to our ward trunk-or-treat party and she LOVED being around all the kids. She had a great time.

Our little ladybug!

Her wings were detachable!

Too cute...

Family pic at the ward activity. Brian was a laker fan and I was tired.

Addie with her cousin Jaxon and Uncle Kevin. Aunt Judy made Jaxon's devil costume too!