Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vote for Addison!

104.3 My FM is having a beautiful baby contest so of course we had to enter Addie. There are 4 rounds to the competition, and we didn't make it into round 1, but we are entered into round 2, 3 and hopefully round 4. So, we need your help to vote for Addie so she can win a $20,000 college fund!! Here is the link:

Go to the "A" category to see Addison's picture. She is under "Addison" and is contestant 12. To vote, click on vote under the "A" category and choose CONTESTANT 12. You can vote once for every valid email address you have.

We appreciate your vote! We need your help with all 3 rounds. The voting is as follows:
Round 2: July 30 - Aug 3
Round 3: Aug 6 - Aug 10
Round4: Aug 13 - Aug 17

Here is the picture we entered. We will keep you updated to let you know if she makes the finals! THANKS A BUNCH!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I have not purposefully taken a hiatus from blogging, just been super busy. We have had a CRAZY month and haven't spent much time at the computer. After 4 months of bliss with my baby I went back to work June 30 full time....wahhh! But, we are really blessed because Brian is able to work from home so he can take care of Addie...wahoo!!! It's been a really tough transition for Brian and I (well, mostly for me), but Addie is happy as a clam. Some days she lets her daddy get some work done and others she requires a bit more attention. I'm slowly getting back into things at work and am now surviving without tearing up when I treat one of the cute little babies on my caseload. On a happy note, Addie is now in her own room in her crib and is sleeping through the night most of the time....she's such a good baby. She is also the most talented baby in the world...she can roll from her back to her stomach AND she eats her toes!!! Have you ever heard of a 4 month old doing this??? I think not!! :)

Here is my talented little girl in action!
(she was a bit cranky during the making of this film)

Addie happy as a clam.

The results of Brian's first week at home....ewwwwwww!